How can I delete a team member from the team?

An Admin can go to the Teammates tab and click on the down arrow next to a teammate and click Deactivate user account to delete a team member.

Who can view “Hired” candidates information?

Once a candidate is hired only the following teammates will have permission to view the candidate’s evaluations:

This is to ensure that all sensitive information regarding the new hire is kept restricted.

What do I do when I reach a Duplicate Check Step?

Within Comeet, click on How-to videos where we have posted a short video on what do when you reach a Duplicate Check Step. You may also feel free to check out our Resolve Duplications page, where we fully explain how to advance past this step.

How do I create a signature for emails? 

Go to your name in the top right corner –> Personal Profile, and scroll down to see Your signature. You can easily copy and paste a signature from your work email, including your company’s logo.

How can I create my own position template?

To create your own position template, create a new position and modify the workflow and scorecard to form your company’s standard for future positions. The next time you would like to use this template, simply click to Duplicate a position.

What is a “lead recruiter” or a “lead coordinator” and what’s the difference?

When someone is given a “lead” role for a position, it simply means that they have the primary role. When you create a new position, the recruiter and coordinator first assigned to the position are automatically set as the lead recruiter or lead coordinator. The lead recruiter or lead coordinator have no more power within a position than any of the other recruiters or coordinators, they are simply given the label as having the primary role.

How can I use Comeet to create an assignment for a candidate?

Company or Personal Email templates can be used to send assignments to candidates. For example, if you want to send candidates a Post-Phone Interview Assignment, you can create a Company or Personal Email template and attach the assignment to the template. Furthermore, you can create an Administrative step after the phone interview in your position workflow to remind you to send the assignment. Learn more about this by reading about company templates, as well as reading about the administrative step under the candidate workflow page. 

Can I revise my interview evaluations?

Of course! Go to the interview results in a candidate’s profile and click Edit. Your interview will be re-opened and you can edit it as you wish.

Can I move a candidate back a step in the workflow?

Yes, you can click "Undo" to undo the last completed step.

How can I notify a teammate of something?

Yep! You can always notify a teammate in any candidate’s profile by making a Comment and using the @Mention feature. Read more about it here!

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