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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
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How can I delete a team member from the team?

An Admin can go to the Teammates tab and click on the down arrow next to a teammate and click Deactivate user account to delete a team member.

Who can view “Hired” candidates information?

Once a candidate is hired only the following teammates will have permission to view the candidate’s evaluations:

This is to ensure that all sensitive information regarding the new hire is kept restricted.

What do I do when I reach a Duplicate Check Step?

Within Comeet, click on How-to videos where we have posted a short video on what do when you reach a Duplicate Check Step. You may also feel free to check out our Resolve Duplications page, where we fully explain how to advance past this step.

How do I create a signature for emails? 

Go to your name in the top right corner –> Personal Profile, and scroll down to see Your signature. You can easily copy and paste a signature from your work email, including your company’s logo.

How can I create my own position template?

To create your own position template, create a new position and modify the workflow and scorecard to form your company’s standard for future positions. The next time you would like to use this template, simply click to Duplicate a position.

What is a “lead recruiter” or a “lead coordinator” and what’s the difference?

When someone is given a “lead” role for a position, it simply means that they have the primary role. When you create a new position, the recruiter and coordinator first assigned to the position are automatically set as the lead recruiter or lead coordinator. The lead recruiter or lead coordinator have no more power within a position than any of the other recruiters or coordinators, they are simply given the label as having the primary role.

How can I use Comeet to create an assignment for a candidate?

Company or Personal Email templates can be used to send assignments to candidates. For example, if you want to send candidates a Post-Phone Interview Assignment, you can create a Company or Personal Email template and attach the assignment to the template. Furthermore, you can create an Administrative step after the phone interview in your position workflow to remind you to send the assignment. Learn more about this by reading about company templates, as well as reading about the administrative step under the candidate workflow page. 

Can I revise my interview evaluations?

Of course! Go to the interview results in a candidate’s profile and click Edit. Your interview will be re-opened and you can edit it as you wish.

Can I move a candidate back a step in the workflow?

Yes, you can click "Undo" to undo the last completed step.

How can I notify a teammate of something?

Yep! You can always notify a teammate in any candidate’s profile by making a Comment and using the @Mention feature. Read more about it here!

Are webinars recorded? Where do I find recordings for webinars?

Comeet's webinars are always recorded. If you sign up for the webinar, the link will be sent automatically to your email afterward even if you do not attend.

If you do not sign up for the webinar, the webinar's recording will be uploaded, and you will be able to find it at

How do I unmerge two candidates that have been merged?

Unfortunately, the merge action for candidate profiles cannot be undone in Comeet.

What can you do to fix this?

1) Download the CV you'd like to unmerge and save it to your desktop.

2) Create a missing candidate profile and add it to the workflow again with the CV you previously saved.

3) Delete the irrelevant CV from the merged profile.

4) Add a note in both profiles explaining the merge action and a link to the second profile

How can I contact your Finance or Billing department/team?

You can discuss any billing-related questions directly with our Finance department at and they will be happy to assist.

Why are emails failing to be sent to a teammate's email address?

In the case that emails are not being sent to a teammate's email address in Comeet, their email may have been added to the suppression list on our end after an email sent to their email address bounced back from your email server.

We recommend reaching out to the Support team via chat or at and providing us with the teammate's email address so that we can check this further, and if needed, remove the teammate's email from the suppression list on our end.

Why are certain tabs such as the "Description" tab missing from the position, or buttons missing from the candidate profile?

This issue can happen due to your browser being zoomed in.

This can be resolved by lowering your browser zoom-in resolution by the Ctrl+0 key combination or via the browser settings in the URL field:

What are the recommended steps for closing a position?

There is a recommended sequence of actions for closing the position:

  1. Make sure you have an Opening for the position you are going to close

  2. Hire a candidate before closing the position (unless you need to close it unfulfilled)

  3. Change the position status to "Closed". It will automatically unpublish the position. Please note for the job boards, the change can take up to 24 hours to take effect.

Regarding the existing candidates:

If you just use the default system flow, all the candidates in progress will be rejected, and Comeet will prompt you to notify them about position closure. If you were to reopen the same position in the future - these candidates would be added back to the last steps they were on when the position closed.

An additional option you may use:

  1. go over the candidates in progress and check if some may be a good match for a different position in the company - change their position in this case.

  2. if you don't wish the candidates to be in progress in future position re-opening, you can reject all remaining candidates before closing the position.

How do we change our company name in Comeet?

In order to make the change we kindly ask that you reach out directly to the support team at and provide us with the following information:

1. When would you like the change to happen?

The company name change takes effect immediately. If you wish to have it done at a later date, please contact us on that date.

2. Would you like to also change your company name as it's shown in your outbound email addresses and your position addresses?

All outbound emails that are sent from Comeet have the following format:


Position email addresses to which applications are sent have the following format:

Public: <Your-Company>.<Position ID>

Custom: <Your-Company>.<Position-Name>

Existing positions’ email addresses will not change automatically. After the company name is changed, new positions will have dedicated email addresses with your new company name, however, all the positions that were created before the change will still have your old company name in their email address. Emails and applications sent to the old position email will be automatically redirected to the new position email.

3. Would you like to change your company name on invoices issued by Comeet?

Invoices will be issued with the old company name until you provide us a copy of a certificate of the company name change approved by the register of companies - ROC.

To proceed with your request kindly send us the information above along with the new company name.

For more information, we recommend reading the following article about the company name change.

Why is a teammate included in an interview invite that they aren't a participant for?

The interview alerts are usually sent to the members of the hiring team, who are not direct interviewers on the step, according to the below setting in the My Account settings page:

Please untick this checkbox in your My Account settings if you do not wish to receive all interview invites for interviews in your positions.

This can be also done for another teammate by the company Admin/Owner from the Teammates settings page, by selecting the Edit teammate option:

How do I integrate my LinkedIn company with Comeet to post jobs to LinkedIn for free?

In order to connect your company's Linkedin profile to Comeet, please reach out to the support team through the chat or at, and provide us with the URL to your company profile on LinkedIn and your company's LinkedIn ID.

You can view the following link with instructions on how to get the ID

Why am I receiving a message that a teammate has started an interview that needs to be canceled or completed before they can be replaced?

This means that the teammates started some interviews/ evaluations that need to be completed before you can reassign their other open tasks.

In the case that you need to find out which interviews have been started but not completed, you can reach out to the support team via the chat, or at and provide us with the teammate's name and email address so that we can provide you with the names of candidates for whom the evaluation needs to be completed.

Why can't I connect my calendar?

Please check if there is a pop-up blocker applied for the page in your browser.

Sometimes it blocks the next window in the process to run.

If yes - please enable the pop-ups to run on the calendar integration page, and try to connect your calendar again.

How do I refresh a position to job boards?

Unfortunately, there is no solution today to re-publish the positions in a way that they will be 'refreshed' in Job Boards - LinkedIn, Indeed, and other major job boards have algorithms that recognize the same jobs being republished and either block it or associate with a previous job posting.

The reason for it is that job boards sell company/position-promoting services and the only way to refresh the postings is to use those.

We have a feature request to find a suitable solution for this. In the case that a feature for this use would be useful to your company, please let the support team know via chat or at

How do I reassign a teammate's tasks and roles to another teammate?

To replace a teammate on the company level, please follow the below steps:

  1. On the Teammates page, select Reassign tasks and roles option next to the teammate's name:

    2. Select the name of the teammate who will take over the existing user's responsibilities:

Please note all open tasks and roles will be reassigned to the user you select. In case you need to distribute different positions to different users, please do so on the position level by replacing the teammate from the Hiring Team tab.

What are the settings for salary expectations regarding visibility?

By default, the Salary Expectation field is visible for the following roles:

  1. Owner on the Company level

  2. Admin on the Company level (except discreet positions where the Admin is not part of the hiring team)

  3. Recruiter(s) on the Position level

The access can be granted to additional roles on the position level, this can be configured for each position separately here:

How do I manage the settings for rejection notifications?

To have the rejection notifications managed by specific roles, there are several settings that need to be configured:

  1. Under Automation settings, select which role should handle the Send Notification step in the position. The most commonly used options are Lead Recruiter or All Recruiters:

  2. In the rejection templates, make sure the Create Send Notification Step option is selected for all relevant templates:

  3. Under the Permissions settings, make sure that other roles, such as Managers and Hiring Managers, cannot complete steps on behalf of others - this will not allow them to skip sending the notification on behalf of the teammate with the previously selected role.

Why are emails ending up in candidates' spam inboxes?

In regards to any emails ending up in the spam inbox: The identification of an email that is suspected as spam can stem from many factors. See Emails landing in candidates' spam folders.

What are the steps for testing SSO?

If you would like to test SSO, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Go to Company Settings > Authentication and Security

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Activate" and confirm the activation in the pop-up that appears.

  3. Do not navigate away or close this page.

  4. Open an Incognito window and enter in the search bar

  5. Once the login screen appears, select "Sign in with SSO" and enter the relevant email address. You should then be redirected to Azure to log in to your SSO.

  6. After logging in: if you are redirected to the main Comeet dashboard - Great, it works!

  7. If you are redirected to the login page, take a screenshot of what you see and send it to us, then go back to the original window where you activated the SSO and select "Deactivate".

Note that activating the SSO will automatically log out all of your users, so we recommend running any tests at times when your team does not have interviews or can step away from the system for the few minutes it'll take to test the integration.

Have more questions? Contact us at

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