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Permissions & roles

  • All users can create and manage their own interview question sets, keeping them private or sharing them with the entire company.

  • For each position, all hiring teammates can view and select any of the question sets for any of the interview steps in the workflow as long as the question set is configured as Visible for the whole company.

See more about position roles and company roles.

Comeet allows you to create interview questions to use when conducting interviews, so that every interviewer can:

  • create their own question sets in advance

  • always access the questions you want them to ask

  • help support the team by sharing their own question sets

When conducting an interview, you can click on a question to mark it as asked so you never ask a candidate the same question twice.

Understanding Interview Questions

Comeet interview question sets

Comeet provides a user-generated question bank that you can always search if you need help finding better questions to ask candidates. For example, if you would like to browse for questions to ask a candidate for a sales type position, simply search “Sales” and a list of questions will populate.

When creating a question, you may also choose to write an expected response to ensure the interviewer knows what to look for in a candidate’s response. For example, if you are building questions for a technical position like a Java Developer and you have a novice interviewer who is unfamiliar with the technical terms, you can add an expected response to inform the interviewer of what to look for in the candidate’s response.

Question sets can be created to aggregate questions for a specific interview type and be assigned to specific interview steps. 

Additionally, if you prefer to conduct interviews without a screen in front of you, you can always print your interview questions at any time — before or after you have started the interview in Comeet.

Accessing Interview Questions

To navigate to your interview questions, click on your company name in the top right corner –> Interview Questions.

Navigate in Comeet

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