Comeet’s Google Calendar Integration provides users the ability to integrate with Google Calendar to help you and your teammates schedule interviews with candidates.

When you click to Schedule an interview, you now see the option to Connect to Google calendar to see availability… Click and select your Google account from the dialog that pops up, and then you will be able to see the interviewers availability and schedule an interview time.

You may also add one of your company’s Meeting Room to the scheduling as well, and see the availability for the room. Additionally, if the interviewer has other calendars, such as holidays or other personal calendars, click Add Calendar.


How does Comeet uses the integration with Google Calendar?

Comeet leverages the access to Google Calendar to:

  • Read details of events in interviewers' and meeting rooms' calendars in order to show them in the app and allow to easily find available times.

  • Reserve meeting rooms for interviews, reschedule and cancel as needed.

Trouble logging in or can’t see any calendar?

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign out from all your Google accounts. Note that closing the browser’s tab is not sufficient, make sure to click on your photo at the top right of any Google page and then “Sign out”.

  2. Back in Comeet, refresh the page (press the F5 keyboard key).

  3. Open the schedule window and click on Connect to see availability next to the Google logo. A Google window will be shown, select your work account, password if requested and approve.

  4. You should be able to see calendars of colleagues and meeting rooms.If you’re still experiencing difficulties remove the Comeet app from your Google accounts. To do that, go to any Google page and click on your name or photo at the top right, then My Account > Connected apps & sites > Manage apps > Comeet > Remove. Then start again from step 1 to reconnect Comeet to your Google account.

A specific calendar is not available?

If you see that a calendar is Not available, you should check the following possible causes:

  • Try to refresh the browser (press the F5 keyboard key).

  • Make sure you see that calendar through Google Calendar. If you can’t, check sharing settings with that user or for that meeting room. We recommend sharing your calendar with everyone in your organization or at least with the company coordinators.

  • Some users use a google account for the calendar that is different from their primary email. In that case the user should change his/her calendar email setting within Comeet. Go to your Name in the top right corner > Personal Profile and set your Calendar email.

“Meeting room reservation could not be validated” error appears?

This message indicates that Comeet sent a request to reserve the meeting room for the selected time but the user doesn’t have permission to verify the response.

Follow these steps to resolve:

  1. Grant the user that schedules interviews the permission to See all event details for the meeting rooms.

  2. As a Google admin (usually the IT administrator at your organization), navigate to: > G Suite > Calendar > Resources > Resource Booking Permissions – and make sure that checkbox is checked.

More information about setting up resource booking on the Google documentation here.

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