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Attach files to candidates

Learn how to attach files to candidate profiles

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Candidate files

Whether it's certifications, portfolio samples, or other relevant documents, Comeet allows you to upload various types of files to the candidate card to enhance your candidate evaluation process.

File types and size limits

When attaching files to candidate profiles, consider including the following types of documents:

  • Cover letters

  • Certifications

  • Portfolio samples (e.g., writing samples, design projects, coding samples)

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Any other relevant documentation about the candidate's qualifications and experience

While there's no limit on the number of files per candidate or their cumulative size, each file must be under 8 MB in size.

💡 Tip: Learn how to manage resumes.

Attach files

  1. Navigate to the relevant candidate and from the 🗒️Application tab, jump to Files.

  2. Click Upload files and choose the file you'd like to upload.

  3. Choose a title for the file or use the file name that automatically populates.

  4. Click Ok to save.

Manage files

After uploading, you can manage your files by hovering your mouse over them. From there, you can access, copy, download, or delete the file by clicking on the corresponding icon.

  • Click the 🗑️trash can to delete the file.

  • Click the paperclip to copy the file.

  • Click on the file to open it in a new tab.

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