About CodeScreen

CodeScreen is the world's first automated take-home coding test platform. CodeScreen provides a familiar and natural coding environment for candidates, allowing them to give their best showing in the test, which means the result of a CodeScreen test is a highly accurate representation of how that candidate will perform on the job. Learn more about working with assessment apps

Integrate CodeScreen

Integration setup is available for users with a role of Owner, Admin or IT Admin in Comeet.

1. Visit Company Settings > Process > Integrations.

2. Click Integrate, then click Copy API key

3. In CodeScreen visit Your account and paste the API key in the Comeet API Key section. Click Save changes.

4. In Comeet click Activate

Add CodeScreen to a Position Workflow

1. In Comeet click on a position and navigate to the position’s workflow.

2. Add a new step or select an existing one.

3. Change the step type to CodeScreen

4. Select a test from the dropdown menu. Tests displayed here are created in CodeScreen. 

Send Assessments to Candidates

Once a candidate arrives to a CodeScreen step, click Start to send a CodeScreen email containing instructions for the assessment. Customize this email by visiting Your account in CodeScreen.

View Results

When a candidate completes an assessment, the step will automatically be marked as complete and you'll receive an email. Results can be viewed in the Evaluation tab in Comeet. You can also view the assessment in CodeScreen by clicking the link in the evaluation. 

You can skip a CodeScreen step in the candidate workflow by clicking Mark as completed. Evaluations won’t be updated if a candidate completes a CodeScreen assessment after the step has been marked complete. 

Note: When the step is completed in the assessment app it will take a few minutes to be updated in Comeet.

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