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Manage Company Departments
Manage Company Departments
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As a best practice, we recommend always maintaining your department list in the system. This dropdown list reduces the risk of typos and other mistakes, which may later affect your reports. However, a Free Text option will be available by default when adding a new position in case the department is new, temporary and/or has not been added to the dropdown yet.

  • To add, remove or merge departments: Navigate to Settings -> Data -> Position Fields and select Department -> Dropdown (or use this link).

  • To remove system pre-set departments: Hover over the department line and use the X at the end of the line.

  • Please note: If you are removing existing department that was used previously, it will be removed from all the positions it was used for.

  • Another alternative is to rename system defaults to the department names of your company. Click on the line and select the 'Rename' option:

  • Need to add more departments? No problem! Use ‘Add option’ to add a single entry or ‘Add Multiple Options’ to add a list of several new departments:

  • To merge two departments together, rename the department being merged to the name of department it's being merged into. All positions from the merged department will be added to the main one:

Please note the only people who can edit company Departments in the system settings are the ones holding the roles of:

  • Owner

  • Admin

  • IT Manager

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