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Manage personal notifications from Comeet
Manage personal notifications from Comeet
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Find the right balance between getting all the important information and keeping your Inbox clean from unnecessary messages!

Under Personal Profile settings, select the Notifications tab and choose the desired options.

My tasks for the following messages:

  • New tasks assigned to you (tasks created when candidates land on a step assigned to you).

  • New position roles assigned to you.

  • Candidate status changes to Hired (applies to Recruiters, Managers and Hiring Managers).

Please select one of the following options for receiving My Tasks notifications:

  • Immediate (recommended for Interviewers and position Managers) - every new task will create and send email alert to your email address.

  • Aggregated (recommended for Recruiters) - an algorithm that detects inactivity and sends you one email with all tasks when you are not logged in or working on the system. Aggregated emails will be sent out after 15, 30, 60 and 120 minutes of inactivity

  • Only interview invites & notifications - will disregard tasks unrelated to interview activities.

Periodic updates (your activity overview):

Interview alerts:

Please note that if the box is not checked, you will still get alerts for the interview workflow steps that are assigned to you.

Who else can manage the notification settings?

If needed, Notification settings of all Teammates are accessible for the system Owner and Admin, and can be adjusted by them according to the needs:

For more information on Email Notifications please check out this article.

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