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The Zoom integration is available on the Ultimate plan.

Permissions & roles

The host of the interview can record the interview.

Local recording is the recording type offered when using a Comeet-generated Zoom link. It means that the recording file will be saved to the selected location on the host's device. This type of recording requires manual action per session and once the meeting is over, Zoom will prompt you to choose a folder on your device where the recording can be stored.

By default, the recording option is available to the meeting host. If any other participant attempts to record the meeting, Zoom will refer them to get the host's permission for this.

Meeting host can start recording:

Or allow one of the participants to do so:

Who is the meeting host?

When using Zoom integration with Comeet, the Zoom link is not associated with anyone's particular calendar โ€” the first interviewer to join the meeting automatically becomes the host and can manually transfer or add this role to one of the teammates.

Please note the host assignment is only included in Interviewer invite. If you use the same Zoom link as the candidate, you won't be assigned with host role.

Can the candidate record the meeting?

Unless the host gives them permission to do so, the candidate won't be able to record the session. Please note, if the candidate uses any third-party screen recording software, Comeet and/or Zoom won't be able to stop it or notify the host about it.

For more info on Zoom integration, please check out this article.

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