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View all scheduled interviews
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Users can always view all future interviews for those positions to which they have access; when finding future interviews by searching, all positions to which the user has access can appear in the results.

See more about position roles and company roles.

Find all scheduled interviews that are accessible to you by using Advanced Search. This can be useful for anyone managing hiring teams or part of the hiring process, and also for hiring managers and interviewers.

To view all scheduled interviews

  1. From the search line in your tasks area, click Advanced.
    The screen redirects to the Advanced Search area.

  2. From the Filters, select the Dates category.

  3. Select the time ranges during which you'd like to see all candidates with interviews, similar to the following:

  4. Optionally, set any additional filters including:

    • Current assignee (under Workflow category) - to see future interviews conducted by specific teammate

    • Source name (under Sources category) - to see future interviews for candidates referred by a specific source

    • For Position (under Position category) - to see future interviews for a specific position

    • Department (under Position category) - to see future interviews for a specific department

  5. For more information about Advanced Search, please check out this guide.

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