Interviewers' permissions in Comeet

Comeet's default permission for the interviewer's role in the position allows seeing the candidate's evaluations by other hiring team members only after conducting the interview and submitting their own evaluations.

This feature allows the interviewer to shape an unbiased opinion about the candidate without basing it on other team members' evaluations.

However, you can control which rule will be applied to the interviewers in your company.

The permission for the previous evaluation visibility for Interviewers can be controlled by navigating to Settings > Permissions and changing the setting according to the method you would like to apply to interviewers in your company:

The interviewer is unable to access previous evaluation

When the permission is set to one of the options that do not allow automatic access to the previous evaluations, the interviewer that tries to access the previous notes will see the following message:

Allow interviewers access to previous evaluations

On company level

Change the company setting for all interviewers by navigating to Settings > Permissions and changing the setting to 'Interviewers can always see evaluations':

Important: Changing the permission on the company level will affect all users with the 'Interviewer' role in all positions and for all candidates.

On specific position level

To allow specific access to evaluations for interviewers in a specific position, we recommend adding a Viewer role to their position roles:

Additional limitations

  1. The permission cannot be managed for a specific user on the company level; it can only be adjusted in every position by adding an additional role that allows access to the previous evaluations.

  2. Comeet does not allow excluding access to a specific interview step evaluation (for instance, an HR Interview). The access is managed for all the interview evaluations in the position.

  3. Specific sections of the evaluation cannot be hidden from other interviewers (except for the Salary Expectations field).

  4. Access to interview evaluations in past processes, where the interviewer is not part of the hiring team, is managed by a different permission setting:

For more information on different types of permissions, please check our Position Roles guide.

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