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Change Candidate's Status
Change Candidate's Status
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A candidate's status includes:

  • In progress - When the candidate is going through the hiring process

  • On hold - When the hiring process is paused, but the candidate is still considered for the position

  • Rejected - When the candidate does not match the position requirements and the hiring process is terminated by the company.

  • Withdrawn - When the position or its conditions do not match the candidate's expectations and the candidate terminates the hiring process

  • Hired - When the candidate successfully passed all hiring process steps and is hired by the company

Who can change candidate's status?

As part of hiring team, the following role holders are able to change a candidate's status:

In case the permission to change a candidate's status needs to be granted to a teammate that does not currently have it, please check our guide to seeing and changing teammate's role in a position.

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