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Publish discreet positions

Create, activate and manage positions that should be handled more carefully

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By definition, discreet positions are not published on career page or job boards.

  • Discreet positions allow secrecy that reveals the position details and candidates exclusively to the position hiring team and the person who holds the system owner role.

  • The position won't be published to any job boards you normally post to automatically.

  • Instead, you will be able to choose hiring agencies to request candidates from privately.

In order to keep the discreet nature of the information, the solution for publishing is to use the anonymous position email and manually post it to job boards while selecting to hide the company details.

This way, the position does not get associated with your company page and there are no details to disclose the company information to the applicants.

Set a position to discreet

  1. Navigate to the relevant position.

  2. From the visibility dropdown, choose Discreet.

Note: If the change was performed to an existing and published position, it will be removed from any job boards it was previously published to.

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