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Candidate pool is a great way to create a group of preliminarily vetted candidates.

By setting the position to candidate pool, it will act as a holding tank.

The position will not create workflow tasks or be included in reports.

Open a position with the appropriate name (in case you'd like to publish it on your career page) and set it to be pool position.

Here is an example of a pool position on career page:

Setting up Pool position:

  • Pool positions won't be considered in the system reports. If you'd like these position details to be included in reports, please uncheck the Candidate Pool checkbox in position settings.

  • If you'd like to proceed with a candidate from a pool position, please remember to move them to the relevant position before starting the hiring process.

  • Do not move candidates from other positions to a pool position. This will affect the reports and distort the activity details.

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