Manage the interview scorecard

Standardize your interview assessment process by using evaluation scorecard

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The Scorecard traits and skills ratings are used in the interview evaluations and later displayed in candidate's profile.

How to set the scorecard up?

Comeet offers default scorecard traits that are ready to use, but in case you'd like to adjust those to match your company or specific position needs, you can do it by navigating to the Scorecard tab in a specific position.

  • Add a new trait at the bottom of the list:

  • Remove traits that are not in use by hovering over the line:

Using scorecard in the evaluation page

Scorecard is an excellent way to add structure to the candidate's evaluations and make sure the hiring team takes all the important aspects into consideration:

See candidate's overall score

After the candidate went through a variety of interviews and the scorecard is filled by different interviewers, an average score will be displayed in candidate's profile:

The average score will appear also next to the candidate's name - hovering over the star will display the average rating of the candidate:

Search for candidates by score

Use Advanced Search to display the list of candidates with best scores. Additional filters, such as Position, Last completed step etc. can be used to narrow down the results according to your need:

Additional permissions information for this task

  • Admin company role, or the hiring team Recruiter or Hiring Manager can configure the Scorecard. See more about position roles and company roles

  • Depending on your organization's configurations for workflows or for the specific position, any hiring team teammate can complete a scorecard.

  • Permissions to view candidate evaluations are always available for the hiring team recruiter, recruiting coordinator and hiring manager by default. Interviewers, by default, can view all evaluations after submitting their own

  • Permissions can be customized. See more about position roles and company roles.

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