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Send Questionnaires via a Template
Send Questionnaires via a Template
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Application questionnaires are a great way to collect a candidate's information that might be crucial for a specific position or company policy.

The questionnaire will be added to the application form on your career page and required to be filled in together with the rest of the application. For more information on setting up questionnaires, please refer to Prescreen Questionnaires article.

However, not all candidates apply via the career page. For example, candidates may be received from recruiting agencies or added manually. In these cases, you still can make sure the candidate receives and fills out the questionnaire defined for a position/location they are applying to.

To ensure this condition, please navigate to Templates > To Candidates > Thanks for applying and add the following attribute to the email:

Important to note

The prompt for the candidate to complete the questionnaires, as shown in parenthesis in email template, will only be included in the message to the the candidate when these conditions are met:

  • The position candidate applied for has questionnaire assigned. For more info on questionnaire settings please refer to Questionnaire guide.

  • The candidate did not complete the questionnaire previously.

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