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Send invitations to participants for non-Zoom video interviews
Send invitations to participants for non-Zoom video interviews
Make it easy for for video interview participants to get the information they need when not using the native Comeet-Zoom option
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Role: all hiring team teammates

If your company doesn't have an integrated Zoom package with your Comeet account or uses another video interview software, you can add the link to the invitations anyway.

Before getting started

Navigate to schedule an interview

  1. Navigate to the candidate with whom you want to schedule.

  2. From the candidate profile, click on the relevant interview step.

  3. Click Schedule and then Select a time.

Add a link for the interviewer

The Schedule interview dialog pops up:

Click Add note for interviewer and paste the video interview link in the field that expands.

Add a link for the candidate

  1. From the same dialog box, click on the Link to meeting dropdown and select Use custom link:

  2. Paste the link to the video interview in the field that opens.

Deliver the invitation to the interviewer

Click Save to create the invitation draft and to automatically send the invitation to the interviewer.
The email draft opens and the invitation for the interviewer is sent.
The invitation for the interviewer appears similar to the following:

Send the invitation to the candidate

  1. Review the email draft.

  2. Click Send.
    The invitation is sent to the candidate, appearing similar to the following:

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