Adding images to your email templates and one-time emails sent to candidates or sources can be a great way to give your correspondence a personal touch and promote your company brand.

Both email templates and one-time messages offer a text editor through which images and links can be added.

Adding Images

Adding an image to a template or message can be done by clicking on image icon in text editor and choosing an image stored on your computer:

Alternatively, you can drag the image into the template or message (please make sure to place a cursor in the text area, where you'd like the image to be inserted):

  • Note that Images will be added to the templates and messages in their original size. Resizing the image can be done using any image editor online or on your PC or Mac.

  • Supported file extensions: jpeg, jpg, png, gif

Links are more friendly when instead of showing the full URL they are embedded as a hyperlink in the text of the message (eg. "See our video").

To add a hyperlink:

  1. Copy the link.

  2. Select the text that should be the hyperlink.

  3. Click on the hyperlink icon in the text editor.

  4. A pop up window will prompt you to paste the hyperlink. Paste it in and confirm.

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