Connect your Single-Sign-On account to Comeet and reap the benefits of easy and secure sign-in.


  • Stay in sync: Keep Comeet in sync with the company’s JumpCloud account.

  • Import new users easily: Current users in JumpCloud can easily be added to Comeet.

  • One-click log-in into Comeet for JumpCloud users.

  • Off-boarding users: Disabling the user’s access to the application through JumpCloud will block them from accessing Comeet.


  • Access to Comeet's Authentication settings menu. The integration can be set up by the following company roles in Comeet: Owner, Admin, and IT Admin.

  • Admin access to JumpCloud.

Configuration instructions

Before configuring the SSO connection, we recommend raising a ticket with us, letting us know you are going to activate the SSO, so we can promptly help you with deactivation if anything goes wrong.

We also recommend opening the Jumpcloud and Comeet Authentication & Security page side by side for easy data entry.

Please note adding and provisioning users in SSO does not automatically invite them to Comeet. This will need to be done by one of the existing Comeet users, you can find the instructions here.

Step 1

Start by accessing your Jumpcloud account and configuring Comeet application in the SSO directory:

Step 2

In General Info-> Display label field add "Comeet":

Step 3

In SSO tab add your Comeet identifiers to connect the application. You will need to access Authentication & Security page in Comeet and copy the ACS URL and Entity ID from Jumpcloud entry:

Add the links from Comeet to the corresponding fields in Jumpcloud:

Step 4

Update IDP URL field:

In JumpCloud make sure to add "comeet-company name" in URL as appears below:

Copy the entire URL and paste it into SAML SSO URL field in Comeet settings:

Step 5

Save the settings in both systems:

Connect in Comeet

Activate in Jumpcloud

Make sure Jumpcloud indicates successful application addition:

Step 6

Once the application has been added, open it in JumpCloud again and select Export Metadata under SSO tab:

As a result, an XML file will be downloaded to your PC.

Step 7

Open the Metadata XML file, copy its contents into SAML Signing Certificate field in Comeet and click Connect again:

Step 8

In JumpCloud under Identity Management -> Base URL add the URL

Step 9

Copy the Secret Token from Comeet:

And paste it into Token Key field in Jumpcloud:

Step 10

Click on Test Connection and make sure Jumpcloud indicates successful connection:

Make sure Jumpcloud response indicates success:

Step 11

Make sure the Group Management is disabled and click Save:

Make sure Jumpcloud response indicates success:

Step 12

Navigate to User Groups tab, select the user groups you'd like to provision and save:

Step 13

Activate the SSO in Comeet.

Important: makes sure the user group you selected in Jumpcloud contains all the relevant users. Comeet will indicate if this is not the case:

Invite teammates to Comeet

To invite new teammates to Comeet:

  1. Ensure the new teammate was created in the SSO system and provisioned to access Comeet.

  2. Navigate to the Teammates page and click Add Teammate.

  3. Start typing the teammate's name and select their name from the dropdown.

  4. Click Invite.

Sign up using SSO

Instruct the company employees to use the SSO option on Comeet’s website – users will be redirected to sign in on your company’s SSO. If they are already signed in, they will be re-directed to Comeet.

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