Integrating Comeet with OneLogin provides the following benefits:

  • Stay in-sync: keep Comeet in sync with the company’s OneLogin account.

  • Import new users with ease: current users in OneLogin can easily be added to Comeet.

  • One click sign-in into Comeet for OneLogin users.

  • Off-boarding users: disabling the user’s access to the application through OneLogin will block them from accessing Comeet.


  • The integration can be set up by the following company roles in Comeet: Owner, Admin and IT Admin. These roles have access to Comeet's Authentication settings menu.

  • Admin access to OneLogin.

Set up the integration

Before you start

Before enabling the SSO integration:

  • It is recommended to create a support request with Comeet's support to let the team know that you are going to activate the SSO, and they can help as needed.

  • Open the OneLogin settings and Comeet's Authentication & Security page side by side for easy data entry.

Please note that after users are added and provisioned in your SSO account they need to be invited to Comeet in order to have access to the platform. Users can be invited by any Comeet user, while only Comeet users with permission can also grant recruiting roles.

Step 1

Access your OneLogin account > Administration to add the Comeet application in the Applications section:

Search for Comeet and select it from the list:

Step 2

Under the Configuration tab, add the following information from Comeet's Authentication & Security page:


Bearer token (2)

Step 3

Enable the API connection by clicking Enable:

Step 4

Under the Provisioning tab, check Enable provisioning and Save:

Step 5

Under SSO tab, copy the value from the SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) field:

Add it in the User access URL field in Comeet:

Step 6

In OneLogin, select More Actions > SAML Metadata:

A metadata XML file will be downloaded to your PC. Open the file and copy its contents to the SAML Signing Certificate field in Comeet:

Click Connect.

Step 7

Activate the SSO:

Sign up using SSO

Instruct the company employees to use the SSO option in Comeet’s website – users will be redirected to sign in on your company’s SSO. If they are already signed in, they will be re-directed to Comeet.

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