Plan: The USAFact integration is included in the Comeet Ultimate and Enterprise plans.

Permissions & roles:

Integration configuration requires the admin or owner role in Comeet.

Prerequisites: ensure you've set up an account and chosen your screening tests with USAFact.

USAFact is an employee screening and assessment tool used in the United States by employers, typically to evaluate the right match and run background checks.

The integration between USAFact and Comeet helps recruiters seamlessly add testing steps as part of the Comeet hiring process.

This article explains how to:

Activate USAFact in your Comeet account

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations.

  2. Scroll down to the Assessment Tools section and click Integrate for USAFact.
    The display expands.

  3. Click the Copy API key link to save your Comeet credential token to your clipboard.

  4. Send the token to your USAFact account manager.

  5. Once the USAFact account manager approves that your account is ready, click Activate.
    Comeet verifies connection to USAFact services.
    A notification appears when the connection is complete and USAFact now appears in the list of steps that you can add to any workflow.

Add a USAFact step to the position workflow

Important: when adding steps to an open, active, position, the step is only applied to the workflows for the candidates who have not reached this step yet, and for whom their workflows have not been unlocked.

  1. Find the relevant position and navigate to the position workflow.

  2. Add a new step.

  3. From the step name, open the dropdown and scroll to the Assesment section.

  4. Change the step type to USAFact.

  5. Select the relevant USAFact test from the dropdown menu.

  6. To add additional tests, repeat this process.

Use USAFact to test your candidates

  1. Once the candidate reaches the USAFact step, select the test you would like them to take.

  2. Click Start.
    An email is sent to the candidate with instructions and a link to the test.
    Once the candidate submits the test, results are returned based on the SLA your organization has with USAFact. Your USAFact account manager can assist you with this.
    When results are ready, they automatically appear in the candidate profile under Evaluation and in your recent activity.

  3. A Proceed with candidate step is automatically created and assigned to a teammate on the position's hiring team (according to your company's automation settings, this would typically be the recruiter). After reviewing the background check report, this teammate can make a decision and indicate whether to advance the candidate to the next step.

Important: the candidate's status is not updated according to the test results. The hiring team makes the decision based on your unique business requirements, and indicated the decision on the Proceed with candidate step.

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