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Publish position under multiple locations
Publish position under multiple locations
Posting the same position in multiple locations across different job boards
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Hiring remotely in a wide area can be challenging. Comeet supports posting a hybrid or remote position in multiple locations based on the settings for each relevant position, enabling you to easily expose the entire relevant geographic area of a position for potential candidates.

Before getting started

Ensure that the locations you would like to publish your position to are set up in the Location settings by a Comeet administrator, IT manager or owner. See this article for more information.

Configure a position for multiple locations

From the relevant position, configure the locations using the following location fields that appear in the settings:

  • Primary location - used in position list filters and reports; this field can only contain one location name.

  • Secondary locations - additional locations at which you can share and post the position

Configure and copy email addresses

You can generate a separate email address for each location; additionally, for the primary location only, you can customize the email address.

  1. From the Position settings, click the Public email link. The Position email address dialog box opens, similar to the following image:

  2. Select the relevant location for which you'd like to generate and copy the email address from the dropdown list:

  3. Copy the Public email address to include your company name in the email address, the Anonymous address to exclude your company name.

  4. For the primary location, you can also click Custom to configure and copy your own value for the second part of the alias of the address.

Share and post positions in multiple locations

Once you've configured multiple locations for a position, you can post it to multiple locations across:

Job boards

The position is automatically posted for all selected locations when you publish a position or when you post the position to a specific job board.

Career website

When you post a position to your Careers website, it appears listed under all relevant locations.

View and find candidates and their relevant locations

The location in the candidate's profile is automatically attributed to the relevant position location based on the email address, job board posting, or career website application through which the candidate was added to Comeet.

Additionally, the location in the Candidate profile can also be added and edited manually if needed.

Sort candidates by location

When the position is posted to multiple locations, you can filter the position according to the location to which they applied:

Search for candidates by location

You can search for candidates by the location that is in their profile using the Advanced Search filters:

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