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The Past Candidates Funnel helps you better understand the flow of candidates through the recruiting funnel with an emphasis on conversion and drop-off rates. Since this is a funnel report, only candidates that are no longer under consideration are taken into account. The period filter is based on candidate application date.

With this report you can:

  • Identify stages with exceptionally high pass-through rates in order to investigate whether the steps assigned to this stage effectively filter out candidates that are not as suitable for the position

  • Single out stages with exceptionally high drop-off rates in order to investigate whether the steps assigned to this stage filter out candidates that might be qualified but are still rejected

  • Analyze the percentage of candidates that reach the more advanced recruiting stages in order to understand the volume and percentage of unqualified candidates who apply to the position

  • Discover the ratio of candidates who reach the more advanced recruiting stages per hire in order to learn if the team’s investment in interviews is greater than expected and therefore should be optimized

  • Review the pass-through as well as drop-off rates of concluded hiring processes in order to better understand the effort invested by the hiring team and have by extension the necessary investment that would be required for future hiring processes

Tip: for this report to be as insightful as possible, you should filter to view data for:

  • A specific position or multiple positions with similar workflows

  • A time period that extends longer than the average time it takes to hire any single candidate, for instance a quarter

The funnel report is organized differently than most other reports, displaying exclusively a funnel chart.

Past candidates funnel

The Past candidate funnel chart enables you to identify and highlight outstanding conversion and drop-off rates in your hiring process.

The chart appears similar to the following:

Each bar represents a key stage in the hiring process:

  • Applied/Added - Applications received

  • Application screening - Filtering applications

  • Screening interviews - Initial phone of video screening

  • Assessment - Tests, simulations, and interviews set to assess the candidate’s skill set

  • Advanced interviews - Interviews conducted by peers and managers

  • Reference - Reference checks

  • Offer - Prepare, approve, and extend offer

  • Hired - Candidates hired

Tip: for this report to be as accurate as possible, make sure that each and every step in your system is mapped to the correct stage. In order to do so, simply go to Setting → Step Templates and review which steps are assigned to which stage and make changes if necessary.

Each bar displays two values:

  • The total number of candidate who reached the stage (in the middle of the bar)

  • The pass-through percentage of the stage (on the right hand side of the bar)

In addition, by hovering over any of the bars you will see an informative tool-tip, displaying the following values:

  • Started the hiring process and reached this stage - the ratio of candidates who began the hiring process and reached the stage

  • Reached this stage and hired - the ratio of candidates that reached this stage and were hired

  • Reached this or more advanced stages - the total number of candidate that reached the stage

  • Passed this stage - the percentage of candidate that successfully passed the stage

  • Drop off - to percentage of candidates that were dispositioned (rejected or withdrawn) at the stage

The tool-tip appears similar to the following:

For a more in depth review of the funnel report see the Past Candidate Funnel (Advanced) article.

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