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The Candidates in progress report helps you better understand the volume and distribution of candidates who are currently under consideration across ongoing hiring processes.

With this report you can:

  • Review the volume of in-progress candidates in order to understand the extent of ongoing hiring processes managed by the recruiting team

  • Explore the various KPIs that highlight candidates in key stages in the pipeline, e.g. candidates awaiting a decision or candidates in the offer stage, in order to make sure that the hiring processes continue smoothly and without delay

  • Review the start date of newly hired employees in order to maintain continuous communication and plan the necessary logistic and administrative preparations to ensure a successful onboarding process

  • Slice the number of in-progress candidates by various criteria in order to explore ongoing hiring process data on a more granular level

  • Examine the data at the candidate level in order to identify bottlenecks, e.g. candidates whose hiring process has been unusually long, and use the wealth of information to understand the reason(s) for the delay

The report is divided into these sections:

  • KPIs - get a quick glance at key metrics relating to in progress candidates

  • Candidates in progress summary - slice and analyze aggregated data relating to in progress candidates by selected criteria

  • Candidates in progress details - view a detailed list of in progress candidates


Quickly evaluate your metrics from this section, which similar to the following:

This section displays current data, featuring the following metrics:

  • Total candidates in progress - total number of candidates who are currently in a hiring process, at any stage or step

  • Candidates awaiting decision - the total number of candidates who completed all of the workflow steps and currently either have to make a decision or are waiting for the company’s final decision

  • Candidates in Offer stage - the total number of candidates that are currently in the Offer stage

  • Qualified candidates awaiting over 4 days - the total number of candidates that passed the first screening step and have been awaiting over 4 days in their current step

  • Advanced candidates - candidates who have passed at least one interview

  • Candidates on hold - candidates who have been put on hold at any point in the hiring process

  • New hires who haven’t yet started - candidates that were hired and have a future start date, and so haven’t started working in the company yet

Candidates in progress summary

The Candidates in progress summary table provides aggregated data of candidates in progress.

You can slice the data by selected criteria, including the default and custom position fields, along with additional categories such as assigned teammate, step name, step type, stage, and many more.

When a candidate is in multiple processes, that candidate could be counted more than once in the summary table, depending on the selected category.

The data appears similar to the following:

Candidates in progress details

The Candidates in progress details table features the default and custom position fields along with additional data points such as current step, days in process, source, source type, and many more.

The drill-down table appears similar to the following:

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