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The Activity per hire report helps you better understand the average amount of resources required to invest per hire.

With this report you can:

  • Review the average number of CV screens, interviews, and interview hours invested per hire in order to better understand the required investment of resources for a successful hiring process

  • Slice the resource investment data by various criteria in order to recognize specific hiring processes that have been and probably would continue to be exceptionally resource demanding

  • Analyze the amount of resource invested in past successful hiring processes in order to devise a hiring plan that takes into consideration the resource requirement as well as the capacity of the recruiting team

  • Examine the data at the candidate level in order to identify bottlenecks, for instance, hired candidates whose process was unusually long, and use the additional wealth of information in order to understand the reason(s) for the delay

The report is divided into these sections:

  • KPIs - get a quick glance at key metrics relating to activity per hire

  • Activity per hire summary - slice and analyze aggregated data relative to activity per hire by selected criteria


The KPIs section of this report enables you to quickly evaluate your metrics, appearing similar to the following:

The KPIs section displays data of all times, featuring the following metrics:

  • Hired candidates - the total number of hired candidates

  • CV screens per hire - the average number of completed CV screens per hire

  • Interviews per hire - the average number of completed interviews per hire

  • Interviewing hours per hire - the average number of interviewing hours per hire

Activity per Hire summary

The Activity per hire summary table provides aggregated data relating to activity per hire by the following values:

  • CV screens per hire

  • Interviews per hire

  • Interviewing hours per hire

You can slice the data by selected criteria, including the default and custom position fields.

The data appears similar to the following:

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