Plan: The LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integration is included in the Comeet Enterprise plan. Learn more. The RSC integration is available for Recruiter Corporate (including SMB) or Recruiter Professional Service (RPS) in LinkedIn.

Permissions & roles:

Setting up the integration requires the following roles:

Supported browsers: LinkedIn RSC isn't supported on Safari, please see this page from LinkedIn for reference.

You can control the integration between Comeet and LinkedIn Recruiter with the following options:

For more information about data retention, see LinkedIn integration data retention and privacy.

Show candidates' LinkedIn profiles in Comeet

Candidates' profiles in Comeet include a LinkedIn tab from which you can:

  • quickly access their LinkedIn profile (when available)

  • send InMail messages to candidates directly from Comeet

Sync position and candidate data from Comeet to LinkedIn

This option syncs all past and future Comeet candidate and position data with the indicated LinkedIn Recruiter company account. Teammates who work with Comeet can then view the position and candidate recruiting activity directly from within LinkedIn, based on their Comeet permissions.

Synced data includes: position details, candidate details and candidate steps in the workflow. The initial sync may take a few hours to complete. To stop syncing data, see Deactivate the integration with LinkedIn.

Publish positions to this company's LinkedIn page

post all published Comeet positions (not including Restricted positions) to the LinkedIn page that is associated with the LinkedIn Recruiter contract that you are configuring, automatically. When you select this option, pre-existing integrations with LinkedIn Limited Listings are disabled.

Important! If you have integrated with multiple contracts, make sure this option is only enabled for one of those contracts. For more information, see multiple contract integrations.

Tip: To ensure accurate posting and to maximize exposure, make sure that positions have the right location defined, including the specific city, region, country and address. For more information on how to setup the location settings please visit this guide.

Sync InMail and notes from LinkedIn Recruiter to Comeet

Sync InMail conversations and notes from the indicated LinkedIn Recruiter contract to Comeet.

Synced data includes: InMail conversations and notes created on LinkedIn with the visibility level of "Anyone in the organization". The initial sync may take a few hours to complete. To stop syncing data, see Deactivate the integration with LinkedIn.

Seeing LinkedIn activity on the candidate profile: From the candidate profile, change the view of the candidate activity from Recent (default) to LinkedIn. This option is available for teammates with permission, more more info see company roles.

Important! when this option is turned on, all past and future contact details shared by candidates, InMail messages and notes will be imported from the integrated LinkedIn Recruiter contract to your Comeet account. Be careful when enabling this feature if you are connecting multiple companies between LinkedIn Recruiter and other systems. For more information, see below about multiple contract integrations.

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