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Schedule interviews with your 365 calendar integration
Schedule interviews with your 365 calendar integration

See availability of interviewers and meeting rooms, and reserve meeting rooms

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Plan: all plans; for some automations: UltimateEnterprise

Role: all teammates with access to the position can schedule interviews

Once your Microsoft 365 calendars are integrated, you can see availability of interviewers and meeting rooms, and you can reserve meeting rooms.

Note: Calendar visibility permissions are managed in MS Office 365 and affect what a user can or cannot see in Comeet. Accordingly, some events will show with their name while others will appear as Busy. Additionally, in some cases, unavailable time slots may not display any event due to Office 365 calendar restrictions.

Before getting started

Ensure your admin or account owner has enabled the configuration on the account (company) level.

Connect your personal account

Everyone using Comeet can connect their Google account to see availability when scheduling interviews.

  1. Click the avatar menu from the top right-hand corner and select My account.

  2. Navigate to the Calendar tab.

  3. From the Microsoft line, click Connect.

  4. When prompted, authenticate your account.
    Comeet updates to show that your calendar is connected.

  5. Click Save.

Schedule interviews

Once you and your teammates have connected your accounts, scheduling interviewing is quick and easy.

  1. Navigate to the relevant position.

  2. From the interview step, click Schedule and choose Select a time ...

    The scheduling calendar pops up.

  3. Optionally, add additional teammates to participate in the interview to view their availability as well.

  4. Optionally, if your team has connected meeting room calendars, choose the relevant meeting room as well.

  5. Choose an interview time that appears available and click Save.

    The relevant email template opens and is ready for you to send to the candidate.

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