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Source candidates with Woo
Source candidates with Woo

Leverage your Woo integration to source candidates seamlessly

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Role: Teammates with permissions to edit positions.

Woo’s Automated Sourcer brings the right opportunities to candidates and quality hires to companies. Candidates can use Woo whether they’re actively or passively looking—so the right opportunity will always find them.

With the Automated Sourcer, candidates are in control of their career path, so the opportunities that are most relevant to them are always at their fingertips. The key to Woo’s automated sourcing is ongoing engagement with candidates, that lasts years, to ensure profiles are always refreshed and to connect companies with engaged candidates interested in their opportunities.

Before getting started

Make sure your admin or account owner has configured the integration.

Source with Woo

Once your administrator has configured the integration, all positions automatically sync with Woo, enabling you the benefits of both Comeet and Woo together.

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