Integration with Woo
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Woo’s Automated Sourcer brings the right opportunities to candidates and quality hires to companies. Candidates can use Woo whether they’re actively or passively looking—so the right opportunity will always find them. With the Automated Sourcer candidates are in control of their career path, so the opportunities that are most relevant to them are always at their fingertips. The key to Woo’s automated sourcing is ongoing engagement with candidates, that lasts years, to ensure profiles are always refreshed and to connect companies with engaged candidates interested in their opportunities.

Integrate Woo

1. Enable the integration by going to your Company settings > Process > Integrations in Comeet

2. Scroll to Woo and click Integrate

3. Select which positions Woo will have access to; All positions, all non-discreet positions, or Only published positions.

4. Click allow access

5. Click Copy API key

6. In Woo, click your Company name > Integrations

7. Click Comeet and paste the API key.

8. Click next

9. Pair jobs on Woo to jobs in Comeet

10. Click Connect to Comeet

11. Click Save

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