Activate Sourcing Apps
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Comeet allows you to work seamlessly with apps that generate candidates for your open positions. Such apps could be: marketplaces for headhunters, shared talent pools and others.

NOTE: You can also build your own custom app by using Comeet’s Recruiting API.

Activate Sourcing Apps

  1. Visit Settings > Sourcing > Job Boards & Apps (requires Admin or Owner role)

  2. Find the app you’d like to integrate with Comeet and select Integrate 

  3. Review the permissions that the app requires and decide which positions you’d like to grant access to using the dropdown menu. See the bottom of this page for details about permissions for sourcing apps

  4. Select Allow access

  5. Activate the integration by copying the API key and following the app specific instructions 

  6. When you’re done, click Save

Deactivate Sourcing Apps

  1. Visit Settings > Sourcing > Jobs Boards & Apps (requires Admin or Owner role)

  2. Find the app you’d like to deactivate from Comeet and select Edit

  3. At the bottom-left, click Deactivate

Permissions for Sourcing Apps

Sourcing apps may require one or more of the following permissions:

Add Candidates

Allows the app to add candidate to positions it can read based on the permissions given.

Read info of candidates added: name, status, progress, disposition reason

Sourcing apps can retrieve candidate info if the source matches the sourcing app regardless of whether the app has access to the position the candidate is currently in. If, for any reason, the source of a new candidate added by a sourcing app no longer matches the original source, the app will not be able to access the candidate.

Read details of the positions

Select one of the following options:

  • All positions

  • All non-discreet positions

  • Published positions

  • Select positions – Positions can be added manually from the position’s page

  • No access

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