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Terms for Integrating with Third Party Service
Terms for Integrating with Third Party Service
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These terms of use (“Terms”) are entered into with Comeet Technologies Inc. and its affiliates (“Comeet”, “we”, “our” or “us”) and you (“you”). These Terms supplement and are part of the Terms of Service of Comeet’s platform (the “Agreement”) made between the parties. References to “you” in these Terms include the legal entity on whose behalf you are acting (the “Organization”), and you represent that you have the authority to accept and perform these Terms on the Organization’s behalf.

WHEREAS, you wish to instruct Comeet to activate integrations with third party service providers and vendors (“Integration(s)”);

WHEREAS, Comeet agrees, subject to your acceptance to these Terms, to enable such Integration; and

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing and these Terms, each Party hereto agrees that the Agreement is hereby supplemented as follows:

  1. Applicability of these Terms: The Agreement and these specific Terms shall at all times govern and apply to the Integrations, even if you have executed or signed another agreement with Comeet, which limits the applicability of these Terms to you through an “Entire Agreement” or similar clause. To the extent of any conflict or inconsistency between the Agreement and these Terms, these Terms shall prevail.

  2. Integration with third party services: By activating an Integration, you hereby request and instruct Comeet to integrate (including, by allowing you to share data as selected at your choice, option and control) with the selected third party services and integrations available in Comeet’s platform and you hereby agree and represent that you will follow and comply with any and all obligations listed in these Terms and the specific requirements for each Integration that may be listed in these guidelines as may be updated from time to time. You should review the guideline before activating any new Integration and also you should check it from time to time to ensure that you and your Organization is following all of the instructions for such Integration(s). The list of third party Integrations is available in Comeet’s platform.

  3. Representations and warranties. Note that when you activate an Integration, your company’s admin user is requested to configure or approve the data to which the app has access. By activating the Integration(s), you and/or the company’s admin (on behalf of your Organization), confirm, represent, warrant and covenant that you (and anyone acting on your behalf) shall:

    • Comply with any and all applicable privacy laws, including, without limitation, privacy laws. You are solely responsible and liable to comply with your own obligations under privacy laws, including, without limitation, to have a legal basis, legal ground and/or authorization of the data subjects under data protection law for the data sharing through such Integration, transparency requirements, to answer and ensure that any data subject requests are adequately met (including, without limitation, any requests to delete a users personal data) and/or to execute the relevant data-agreements with such Integration third party service providers (when required to you under applicable privacy laws);

    • Comply with any third party terms of use and/or policies governing your use of the Integration.

    • Ensure that you make use of the Integration in a manner that does not infringe, misappropriate or otherwise violate any of Comeet’s rights or those of any other person or entity;

    • Ensure that if the integration activation message indicates the use of your user data to provide information about additional offerings offered by the third party service, then you also confirm that you have obtained the proper clearance to provide this subscription information by email and phone from each of your company’s users who have a role (recruiter, recruiting coordinator) in the hiring team of the shared positions;

    • Ensure that you provide the appropriate privacy notice to candidates and company users who use Comeet, for sharing their data through such Integration(s) (if any); and

    • Verify that the Integration third party service providers provide sufficient guarantees to protect your information (including, without limitation, candidate data, position data, and user data) in a manner that will meet the requirements of data protection laws.

    You acknowledge and agree that Comeet does not control and is not responsible in any way for how the selected third party service providers processes, stores, transfers and/or makes use of your information (including, without limitation, candidate data, position data, and user data). To the maximum extent permitted by law, Comeet is not and shall not be responsible for the third party service providers’ actions or omissions or the availability of their services and the Integrations. You acknowledge and agree that the selected third party service providers may have their own terms of use and policies governing the Integrations. You represent that your use of the Integration(s) shall be in a lawful manner and in compliance with the selected third party service provider's terms and conditions as well as with all applicable laws and respecting third party rights. We encourage you to review the third party service providers Integration(s) documentation before activating any Integration(s). You acknowledge and agree that Comeet may, at its sole discretion and at any time, add and/or remove Integration(s) available through Comeet's website without any liability whatsoever to you.

    You further acknowledge that:

    • you own all right and title to any published positions shared with the Integration.

    • Comeet may terminate your access to the Integration at any time (including, without limitation, upon request by or any breach by you of any third party Integration provider's terms).

    • Comeet reserves the right to take any measures it deems necessary in order to remedy any breach by Comeet of any third party Integration provider's terms arising out of or in connection with your use of such third party Integration.

  4. Indemnification. You and your Organization acknowledge and agree that the Organization shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Comeet from and against any loss, claim, liability, damages, costs and expense (including reasonable attorneys fees) suffered or incurred by Comeet arising out of or as a result of your Organization's violation of these Terms and/or any other third party rights.

  5. General. Comeet may change these Terms or the permissions for the selected Integration(s), in which case we will notify the Organization’s account representative, of the change. Your continued use of the Integration(s) following our notification confirms your acceptance of the changes. In addition, please note that Comeet may change the list of Integration(s) as its sole discretion.

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