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Guidelines for Integration Terms
Guidelines for Integration Terms
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These guidelines ("Guidelines") are incorporated by reference into the Comeet Terms for Integrating with Third Party Service ("Terms"), and apply at all times to your use of any of the Integrations listed below. Any defined terms used and not otherwise defined in these Guidelines shall have the meaning as set forth in the Terms. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to revise, change and update these Guidelines at any time. Such amendments shall be effective 3 days after publication of the amended Guidelines. If we implement significant changes to these Guidelines, we will notify you by posting a notice on our platform or by other means. Your continued use of the Integrations thereafter constitutes your consent to such changes and you agree to be bound by them, therefore, we ask you to check back periodically to review the most updated Guidelines.

1. General terms

You shall comply with any and all applicable laws, including, without limitation, privacy laws. You are solely responsible and liable to comply with your own obligations under privacy laws, including, without limitation, to have a legal basis, legal ground and/or authorization of the data subjects under data protection law for the data sharing through such Integration, transparency requirements, to answer and ensure that any data subject requests are adequately met (including, without limitation, any requests to delete a user’s personal data) and/or to execute the relevant data-agreements with such Integration third party service providers (when required to you under applicable privacy laws).

2. Specific terms

2.1 Terms specific for your use of the Alljobs Integration

You acknowledge and understand that the AllJobs Integration includes the use of user data (such as name and contact information, including email address and phone number), of your Organization’s users who have a role (recruiter, recruiting coordinator) in the hiring team of the positions that are shared with AllJobs to provide your Organization’s users with information about additional subscription options offered by AllJobs. Additionally, user data allows AllJobs to send service notifications. Please make sure that you read and accept the terms of use and privacy policy of AllJobs before using it.

2.2 Terms specific for your use of the DreamTeam Integration

You acknowledge and agree that the data shared with DreamTeam could include personally identifiable information and details about discreet positions or salary details. By using the DreamTeam Integration, you confirm that you are authorized to instruct Comeet to perform the programmatic export on behalf of your Organization.

2.3 Terms specific for your use of the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect Integration

2.3.1 This section shall apply when importing data (including Personal Data) from LinkedIn to Comeet, or when you instruct Comeet to sync your data (including information relating to your candidates, employees and other Personal Data) to LinkedIn via the LinkedIn integration. You shall only instruct the LinkedIn integration to import data from a LinkedIn recruiter account owned by your Organization, which is used solely for hiring for your organization and has not, does not, and will not be used for hiring for any other company other than your Organization (as in the case of a recruitment processes outsourcing ("RPO") provider). You hereby represent and warrant that you will comply with LinkedIn’s terms and conditions (which you executed and/or accepted directly with LinkedIn) at all times, and you agree that the data that you request from the LinkedIn integration to be shared and transferred to Comeet is subject to LinkedIn's terms. In addition, you may retain data in accordance with applicable laws; provided that you will have a continuing legal basis to store and process such data. You further represent and warrant that you have the right to upload, process, retrieve and/or use all data which you upload to the Comeet system via the LinkedIn integration and that your use of the LinkedIn integration is not, and will not be, in violation or breach of any third party rights, contract and/or applicable law to which you are a party (including, without limitation, LinkedIn’s terms and conditions and applicable laws relating to privacy and data protection). For the avoidance of doubt, you can use the data imported from this LinkedIn integration solely for your recruiting purposes.

2.3.2 Please note that when making use of the LinkedIn integration, your Comeet account may receive data relating to some individuals who are not associated or correlated with a particular candidate in Comeet's system. Received candidate data is deleted in the event that a candidate closes their LinkedIn account (the deletion process may take 30 days) and/or in the event that the integration is deactivated.

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