Migrate data to Comeet

For customers with migration support added into their subscription, for the migration of candidate data

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Our migration team is happy to assist our customers in importing their existing candidate database into Comeet.

Prepare your data

  1. Create a CSV File (Excel spreadsheet) according to one of the following options:

    1. from scratch, according to the structure in the image; exclude the Resume row if you don't need to migrate CVs with your data

    2. by using this template if you don't need to migrate CVs with your data

    3. by using this template if you need to migrate CVs with your data

  2. When using the template, delete the first two sample rows.

  3. If you also want us to upload resumes for candidates, the file name for a specific candidate must be identical to the “CV File Name” field in the Excel spreadsheet + the correct file extension (eg, “CV Courtney Adams.docx")

  4. If you’d like to add additional custom fields that appear on the candidate’s activity log, you can add them to the table. Just make sure NOT to give them the same name as current fields.

  5. Send the file to Comeet’s Data-Migration Team at data-migration@comeet.co. (You can also send any questions you may have regarding migration to this email).


Make sure to pay close attention to the following points:

  • Use the field names as is - do not to change them

  • Be careful not to create duplicate fields nor duplicate records

  • Make sure you input the correct field type


  • Support for data migration is an addition to our standard subscriptions, and only available to those with said addition as part of their contractual agreement with Comeet.

  • Migration support is only offered for the transfer of candidate data from your source systems to your Comeet subscription.

💡 Tip: Learn how to Import candidates manually.

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