Migrate recruiting data from Greenhouse

Instructions on the migration process from Greenhouse to Comeet

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Migrating your recruiting data from Greenhouse to Comeet is a simple process, allowing you to keep your existing candidate database and leverage it within Comeet as follows:

  • After the data migration is complete, you'll have personal details, a CV, and historical information from past processes.

  • When past candidates are added to Comeet or apply again, Comeet automatically identifies them as duplicates and notifies the recruiter so that you can see the candidate's past processes and evaluations.


Before starting the migration, make sure to get a full candidate data export from your Greenhouse account manager, including:

  • candidates_summary.zip

  • activity_feed.xlsx

  • all_jobs_summary.xlsx

  • eeoc_report.csv

  • offer_details_report.xlsx

  • organization_data.xlsx

  • resumes (folder)

  • scorecards.xlsx

To migrate past candidate data from Greenhouse, your Comeet migration specialist schedules a kickoff meeting with you to walk you through the technical process and estimated timeline.

Following this meeting:

  1. Your team prepares the files you received from Greenhouse and sends them to the Comeet Migration Team.

  2. The Migration Team validates the incoming data and uploads a test batch of candidates to your Comeet account.

  3. Your team checks and confirms the accuracy of the data.

  4. The Migration Team uploads the rest of the candidate data to Comeet. You receive a notification when the process is complete.

Prepare the files for migration to Comeet

Ensure that you've received all relevant data in the Greenhouse files and prepare the data as follows:

  • candidates_summary.zip folder may contain several spreadsheets with the candidates' information. Please make sure that all spreadsheets contain the first and last names of each of the candidates. These fields are mandatory for the upload to Comeet.

Important: If only partial information needs to be migrated to Comeet according to specific criteria (date, position, location, for example), please delete the unnecessary data from the spreadsheets in the candidates_summary.zip folder before sending it to the Comeet Migration Team.

How candidates are displayed in Comeet

Once uploaded to Comeet, you'll find your data as follows:

  • All of the candidates from Greenhouse are added to a single position in Comeet that represents the migrated data (candidates cannot be uploaded to specific positions or specific steps).

  • Access to this position is limited to the Comeet Account Owner when delivered to you. You can expand access to additional teammates thereafter.

  • The following information is populated in the relevant Comeet fields in the Candidate profile:

    • name

    • email

    • applied date

    • status

    • source

  • The rest of the candidate data appears in the Activity log in the Candidate profile. This includes information such as internal comments, interview evaluations, past positions, and so on. Scheduled but incomplete interviews are not included in the migrated data.

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