Integration with Microsoft Office 365 allows you to see the availability of interviewers and meeting rooms when scheduling interviews. 

Integrate MS Office 365

This one time setup can be completed by users with Owner, Admin or IT Admin roles.

1. Visit Company Settings > Process > Integrations.

2. Click Integrate on the right-hand side of Office 365.

Connect Personal Account

Everyone using Comeet can connect their Office 365 account to see availability when scheduling interviews.

1. Click your company name in the top right-hand corner then click Personal profile.

2. Navigate to the Calendar tab and click Connect to Microsoft Office 365.

3. Enter your Office 365 credentials when prompted and confirm.

4. Click Save.

Scheduling Interviews

Comeet offers two calendar views when scheduling interviews for your hiring team. Toggle between these views by clicking Hide events or Show events

Hide events 

Indicates which time slots are available for scheduling in White and which time slots are unavailable in Grey. This is the default view when scheduling. 

Show events

Indicates which time slots are available for scheduling in White and which time slots are unavailable by displaying them as Busy or Grey

Note: Calendar visibility permissions are managed in MS Office 365 and affect what a user can or cannot see in Comeet. Accordingly, some events will show with their name while others will appear as Busy. Additionally, in some cases, unavailable time slots may not display any event due to Office 365 calendar restrictions. 


Some time slots appear busy but they don’t show any event.

Some events may not appear when selecting “Show events” due to Office365 calendar restrictions.

If you see that a calendar is Not available, you should check the following possible causes:

  • Try to refresh the browser by pressing the F5 key.

  • Make sure you have permissions to see the same calendar in your Office 365 or Outlooks calendar. Check sharing settings with the user who's calendar you need access to or for the meeting room in your office settings. 

  • Some users have an Office 365 calendar account that is different from their primary email. In that case the user should change their calendar email setting in their Personal profile in Comeet. 

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