Streamline your recruiting by integrating Comeet with other apps you use, or use the Comeet API to build your own custom integrations.


Integrate Comeet with your organization’s calendars to see availability of interviewers and meeting rooms and reserve meeting rooms.

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Talent Management (HRIS)

When making a new hire within Comeet a new employee will be created in the talent management system including the candidate’s details.

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Job boards

Comeet has partnered with leading job boards to help boost your candidate sourcing.

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Single Sign-On

Integrate Comeet with your single sign-on provider to allow 1-step access for teammates and tighter security controls for your IT staff.

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Screening & Assessment Apps

Screen candidates faster with Comeet’s integrated screening and assessment partners.

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Sourcing apps

Find more candidates fast by integrating with Comeet’s Sourcing App partners.

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