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Learn about the out-of-the-box integrations that Comeet offers across your technology stack

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Integration access varies by integration.
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Some integrations require an account with the integration partner as well.

Comeet offers multiple out-of-the-box integrations across your technology stack, as well as customized integrations with our APIs, enabling you to seamlessly work with the tools you’ve selected for your hiring needs.

The integrations available are organized by category in this article, as follows:


Plan: Varies, see below

Custom development: Required for custom integrations

To support your analytics and data collection practices, Comeet offers the following integrations:

  • BI Connector (Enterprise plan) - sync your recruiting data from Comeet to your own Business Intelligence (BI) tool using the Programmatic export. This is a great option if you have an internal BI team that you would collaborate with to create your own custom reports and dashboards.

  • Recruiting API (Enterprise plan) - access your recruiting data using the Recruiting API. Please see our guide Pull data for reports.

  • HR analytics (Ultimate/Enterprise plans) - integrate a HR or Recruiting analytics tool such as DreamTeam. See our guide on activating integrations.

Assessments & Background checks

Plan: Ultimate, Enterprise

Custom development: Not required

Comeet allows you to seamlessly enable the assessments that you use as part of your hiring workflow. Once added, assessments can be automated as part of the hiring process. When completed, assessments are shown as part of the candidate's evaluation on the candidate's profile.

  • Background checks - integrate your background checks providers.

  • Skills, behavioral and cognitive assessments - integrate professional and personality assessments providers.

  • Reference checks - automate reference checks.

Candidate & Employee portals

Plan: Enterprise plan

Custom development: Required

  • Employee portal - promote internal mobility and referrals with a custom internal job board for employees that allows them to easily apply for openings and refer their friends. For guidance on how to build your employee portal please see our guide.

  • Candidate portal - use the Recruiting API to build a custom candidate portal or app to keep candidate in the know about their status and where they are in the hiring process.

Careers website

Plan: All plans

Custom development: Required for custom integrations

Set up your Careers website to showcase your employer brand, attract talent, accelerate the application and hiring process, track sources, capture employee referrals and more.

From an out-of-the-box option that is ready in a minute to a fully customizable website, Comeet offers a range of options for creating a careers website that fits your needs. Please see our guide: Careers website – Getting started.


Plan: Ultimate, Enterprise

Custom development: Not required

Candidates are most responsive when communicating with them by phone. Comeet offer several options for streamlining communication with candidates.

  • Integrated texting (SMS) tools (Ultimate / Enterprise plans) - integrate a third party texting tool such as RecTxt. When you use an integrated tool, conversations with candidates are recorded in the Activity section on the candidate profile. See our guide for activating integrations.

  • Non-integrated texting (SMS) and calling (all plans, currently in a rollout) - you can use any supported app on your desktop or mobile device to make calls or text candidates directly from the candidate profile. See how.

  • WhatsApp (all plans, currently in a rollout) - start a WhatsApp conversation from the phone menu on the candidate profile. Note that when using this non-integrated option conversations are not be recorded on the candidate profile.


Plan: Varies, see below

Custom development: Required for custom integrations

  • Data deletion (Enterprise plan) - using the Recruiting API you can implement custom logic to delete or pseudonymize candidate data according to your organization's data retention policy.

  • Compliance tools (Ultimate/Enterprise plans) - integrate a third party compliance tool such as Anecdotes.

    Anecdotes helps prove that your hiring processes are compliant by automatically collecting the required evidence, such as: candidates screening process (including background checks, referrals, etc.) and valid description and responsibilities for positions and roles in your organization.

Custom integrations

Plan: Enterprise

Custom development: Required

Comeet offers several APIs to support a various use cases for customization.

  • Careers API - build a custom careers website.

  • Evaluation API - add a custom step or process to the hiring workflow.

  • Recruiting API - this open API can help you build on top of Comeet to support multiple uses cases. See common use cases.

  • Hires API - capture details of new hires to create employee profiles and start the onboarding process.

  • Merge - an integrations platform for product development; developers integrate once with Merge API to offer a full category of integrations to their customers. Merge handles the full integrations lifecycle - from an easy initial build, to hand-held end-user onboarding, to fully managed maintenance of all of those integrations.

Sourcing & Job boards

Plan: Varies, see below

Custom development: Not required

Comeet offers the following kinds of integrations to support your sourcing needs:


Plan: All plans

Custom development: Not required

Connect Comeet to your calendar to simplify interview scheduling and meeting room reservation. Calendar integration is available for all plans, while Auto-scheduling is available on the Ultimate and Enterprise plans.

See our Calendar integration overview for details about the supported functionality, and visit the integration guide for the calendar you use to get started:

Single Sign-On

Plan: All plans

Custom development: Not required

Integrate Comeet with your single sign-on provider to allow 1-step access for teammates and tighter security controls.

Talent management

Plan: Varies, see below

Custom development: Required for custom integrations

Comeet offers the following kinds of integrations to integrate with your HRIS or Talent Management platform:

  • HRIS & Onboarding (all plans) - when making a new hire in Comeet a new employee is created in the HRIS or onboarding platform to initiate the onboarding process. See the list of integrated tools and how to activate.

  • Custom integration (Enterprise plan) - build a custom integration with your HRIS or onboarding platform using the Hires API.

Video interviews

Plan: Ultimate, Enterprise

Custom development: Not required

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