About EasyHire

EasyHire’s mission is to deliver the best possible interview experience to candidates and employers. EasyHire helps you to hire faster and make data-driven hiring decisions, which makes you more successful and competitive. Through the use of latest Web and Video technologies, EasyHire brings employers and job seekers closer together, thus making interviews a more collaborative and efficient process.

Integrate EasyHire

  1. Enable the integration by going to your Settings > Integrations in Comeet.

  2. Scroll to EasyHire and click Integrate.

  3. Click Copy API key. 

  4. In EasyHire, click Teams > Integrations.

  5. In the Comeet API key box, paste the API key. 

  6. Select the Responsible user who will receive all notifications.

Learn more about working with EasyHire.

Have more questions? Contact us at support@comeet.co

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