About Zinc

Zinc is redefining the reference check by offering new formulas for referencing, unlocking data and opening up new insights. Zinc transforms referencing from a painful part of your process into the most impressive.

Integrate Zinc

  1. Visit Company Settings > Process > Integrations. 

  2. Click Integrate, Copy API key then click Activate.

  3. Go to your Zinc.work account page by clicking your Name in the bottom left-hand corner, then click Add API key.

  4. Add the Comeet API key and click Save.

Add Zinc to Position Workflow

  1. In Comeet click on a position and navigate to the position’s workflow

  2. Add a new step or select an existing one. 

  3. Change the step type to Zinc

Send Reference Questionnaire

Once a candidate arrives to a Zinc step:

  1. Select a reference questionnaire from the dropdown menu. Reference questionnaires displayed are created in Zinc.

  2. Click Start to send the reference questionnaire. 

View Responses

Once a reference questionnaire is complete participants of the step will receive an email and the step will automatically be marked as complete. View feedback by clicking on the Zinc step then clicking See on Zinc

You can skip a Zinc step in the candidate workflow by clicking Mark as completed. Links to reference questionnaires won’t be updated if the questionnaire is completed after the step has already been marked complete.

Note: When a reference questionnaire is complete it can take up to an hour to be updated in Comeet.

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