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Manage seamless hiring processes with integrated Checkr background checks

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DISCLAIMER: This help article is provided to explain how to use the Checkr integration with Comeet. This should not be used and/or considered as legal advice. You should contact your attorney to seek legal advice with respect to performing background checks and the required procedures following receipt of background check reports.

Comeet's integration with Checkr makes it simple to run background checks as part of your hiring workflow. Leverage integration with Checkr to run checks and view candidate evaluations directly from Comeet.

Set up your Checkr account

Get started using Checkr by setting up your account.

  1. In Comeet, navigate to the company's Settings and go to the Integrations page.

  2. Find Checkr under the Assessment tools section.

  3. Click Integrate and then click Connect Your Checkr Account.

  4. If you already have a Checkr account then sign in to your account. Otherwise click Set Up A Checkr Account, fill in the necessary information on the next two steps (you will need your EIN and a payment account) and submit.

  5. Go back to the Checkr integration section in Comeet and click Activate.

NOTE: When you sign up for a new Checkr account, you can set up your hiring process by adding Checkr steps to your workflows; however, you won't be able to run background checks with candidates until Checkr completes the verification of your company and the details that you provided.

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