About Jobma

Jobma uses video technology to bring job seekers and employers closer. From cloud based video interviews, artificial intelligence recruiting, video resumes, or automated recruiting, Jobma has a lot to offer to the modern job search. Learn more about working with assessment apps

Integrate Jobma

Integration setup is available for users with a role of Owner, Admin or IT Admin in Comeet.

  1. Visit Company Settings > Process > Integrations

  2. Click Integrate, then click Copy API key

  3. Click Activate.

  4. In Jobma visit Integrations then click Comeet. Paste the API key then click Save. 

Add Jobma to a Position Workflow

  1. In Comeet click on a position and navigate to the position’s workflow

  2. Add a new step or select an existing one. 

  3. Change the step type to Jobma

  4. Select an interview kit from the dropdown menu. Interview kits displayed here are created in Jobma. 

Send Interview to Candidates

Once a candidate arrives to a Jobma step, click Start to send an email invitation from Jobma. The email to the candidate includes instructions for completing the video interview. 

View Results

When a candidate completes a Jobma interview the step will automatically be marked as complete. A link to the full interview is available by clicking on the Jobma step in the candidate's workflow.   

You can skip a Jobma step in the candidate workflow by clicking Mark as completed. Links to completed interviews won’t be updated if a candidate completes a Jobma interview after the step has been marked complete in Comeet. 

Note: When a Jobma interview is complete it will take up to an hour to be updated in Comeet.

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