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Find more candidates fast by integrating with Comeet’s Sourcing App partners. For more information on how to set up Sourcing apps that you use with Comeet, follow our guide to sourcing apps. Comeet is partnered with the sourcing apps listed below.


Connects you to passive candidates exploring opportunities, and increases your number of interview-ready candidates.


Avrio AI uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to match the right candidate with the right job.


Candidate pre-assessment and matchmaking.


JobTarget offers access to over 25,000 job sites and intelligent algorithms that will optimize job postings, help reduce cost-per-applicant and allow customers to run ongoing recruitment efforts more effectively.


All-in-one sourcing solution delivering personalized automated outreach, follow-ups and analytics.


AI-based sourcing and ranking tool.


Gloat is an industry-leading Workforce Agility Platform that enables businesses to move like a startup and deliver like an enterprise. Bringing together the world’s first AI-powered Talent Marketplace with rich, dynamic Workforce Intelligence, the Gloat platform empowers businesses to develop and deploy their talent, while continuously understanding and adapting their workforce to changing needs.
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AI-based Modernized Sourcing.
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A recruiting platform that helps to find and hire great people 10X faster.


Redefining Referral Based Recruiting - A platform where companies post their new-hire referral bonuses publicly & make them claimable by anyone in the world
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We are constantly updating our platform and adding new sourcing apps.
If you’re using an app that isn’t listed here please feel free to drop us a line at You can also build your own custom app by using Comeet’s Recruiting API.

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