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Careers Website – Getting Started
Careers Website – Getting Started
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Choose the type of careers website that fits your timeline and needs. All integration options include the following key benefits:

  1. Everything remains in sync Your careers website will remain in sync with positions’ status and details in Comeet.

  2. Make applying easy Candidates can easily apply from desktop or mobile with their resume or LinkedIn profile.

  3. Automated source attribution Candidates sources are tracked automatically.

  4. Employee referral program Comprehensive referral program functionality has everything you need to tap into your employees’ networks.

  5. Improve screening Questionnaires will help you screen candidates faster while completely eliminating poor matches at top of funnel.

  6. Candidate experience Functionality and branding are fully customizable so you can provide a consistent and professional candidate experience.

Careers website hosted by Comeet

Example: Pipl 

The easiest way to launch a careers website is this out-of-the-box option.  It’s a fully functional site that we host and you can launch in just minutes. Think of it as “minimalist design” because your design options are limited to uploading your corporate logo and About Us profile, then choosing branding colors and background images. While you don’t need any technical or design skills, you’ll still end up with a very professional site to impress potential employees.

Does this fit your needs? All you need to do is add a link from your Company’s website. Learn more here.

Embedded careers website

Quickly embed the complete careers website functionality into your website. It’s a great option if you need to quickly add a careers website to your company’s website.

Sound like the right option for you? Learn more here.

Note: With this option the careers website is embedded in one page of your website. This means that while it is possible to share the careers website on social media, it is not possible to share specific positions.

WordPress plugin

Example: Cyolo

Running your website on WordPress? If you are, this is a no brainer. Comeet has a WordPress plugin that’s fully customizable so you have a completely integrated careers website. You can be up and running in minutes. Get started here.

Careers API

Example: FiverrGett

This provides you with the most design flexibility. If you have an existing careers page or want to create one and connect all of your Comeet job positions, please refer to our Careers API page. The API enables you to create custom pages on your own site.

Have more questions? Contact us at

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