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Activate talent management systems (HRIS)
Activate talent management systems (HRIS)
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Once integrated, when making a new hire within Comeet a new employee is automatically created in the talent management system including the candidate’s details. Some talent management systems require details when making the hire, such as the job for which the candidate is hired.

Activate integration

Note: Comeet can support only one HRIS integration at a time.

  1. Go to Company settings > Integrations.

  2. Next to the name of the relevant integration, click Integrate.

  3. Follow the integration-specific instructions and complete the necessary details.

  4. Click Activate.

Create a custom integration

Our Enterprise customers can also create a custom integration using the Comeet Hires API.

Internal mobility

Current employees of your company may decide to pursue new opportunities within your company.

When hiring a candidate who is already an employee in your company, some HRIS systems do not allow you to "hire" the same person again.

To avoid this, Comeet allows you to skip the creation of a new profile when making a hire.

  • To allow your hiring team to skip creating profiles in your HRIS for existing employees, check Allow users who hire to choose to not create new employee profiles.

  • When hiring an existing employee, check Internal mobility to skip creating a new employee profile.

Deactivate integration

Next to the name of the relevant integration, click Edit, and then Deactivate.

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