Integration with Rippling

Automatically create a new employee in Rippling when you hire a candidate

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Rippling makes it easy to manage your team's payroll, benefits, computers,
and apps — all in one, modern platform.

Integrate Rippling

  1. In Rippling, visit Settings > Integrations > Comeet

  2. Copy your Rippling URL and Secret Key. 

  3. In Comeet, visit Company Settings > Integrations. 

  4. Click Integrate and paste your Rippling URL and Secret Key. 

  5. Click Activate. 

Working with Rippling

After enabling Rippling, when a candidate’s status is changed to Hired in Comeet, a new employee profile is created in Rippling with the following details:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Resume

  • Other Phone

  • Mobile phone

  • Position Name

  • Position Department

  • Start date

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