Plan: The LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integration is included in the Comeet Enterprise plan. Learn more. The RSC integration is available for Recruiter Corporate (including SMB) or Recruiter Professional Service (RPS) in LinkedIn.

Permissions & roles:

Setting up the integration requires the following roles:

Supported browsers: LinkedIn RSC isn't supported on Safari, please see this page from LinkedIn for reference.

This article describes the following information about data that is shared between LinkedIn and Comeet:

Synced data

Data can be synced from LinkedIn to Comeet and from Comeet to LinkedIn.

Data shared from Comeet to LinkedIn includes:

  • Positions

  • Candidates

  • Candidate steps in workflow

The following information in Comeet is not shared with LinkedIn:

  • Interview feedback

  • Emails

  • Comments

Data shared from LinkedIn includes:

  • Candidates - when exported manually

  • Candidate contact details - when the candidate shares their details with Recruiter

  • InMail messages and notes created on LinkedIn Recruiter with the visibility level of "Anyone in my organization"

Data deletion

Data that is shared between LinkedIn and Comeet is deleted in the following events:

  • Candidate closes or deletes their LinkedIn account – InMail conversations and notes imported from LinkedIn are deleted from Comeet within up to 30 days thereafter.

  • Deletion in Comeet - when a candidate is deleted from Comeet:

    • Comeet data that was synced to LinkedIn will also be deleted from LinkedIn.

    • Their InMail and notes retrieved from LinkedIn will be deleted.

    • If the candidate is added to Comeet again after being deleted, the InMail and notes that were deleted will no longer be available in the LinkedIn activity view in Comeet.

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