Integrate multiple LinkedIn Recruiter contracts

Integrate multiple LinkedIn Recruiter contracts to your Comeet account & set settings for each contract separately

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You can integrate multiple LinkedIn Recruiter contracts to your organization's Comeet account and set different settings for each contract separately. We recommend you manage integration settings based on your unique use case, as follows.

Important! Follow these guidelines to ensure data is only shared with the intended organization.

Syncing data from Comeet to LinkedIn

Publishing of jobs through LinkedIn RSC

Syncing data from LinkedIn to Comeet

Your company has separate LinkedIn Recruiter contracts for sub-organizations


Enable only for the contract that will showcase the published jobs on LinkedIn

Enable if you wish to share InMail and notes from the LinkedIn contract with all teammates who have access to this data in Comeet

Your company is using an external recruiting agency or Recruitment Processing Outsourcing (RPO)

Enable if you wish to share all your hiring activity with the Agency / RPO

Do not enable!

Do not enable!

Prerequisites and limitations

This integration is available with the following prerequisites and limitations from the LinkedIn side:

  • An admin role is required to configure the LinkedIn Recruiter Contract

  • The RSC integration is available for Recruiter Corporate (including SMB) or Recruiter Professional Service (RPS) in LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn RSC isn't supported on Safari; see this page from LinkedIn for additional details and troubleshooting.

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