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With CommBox integration with Comeet, you can engage with top talents on social channels and business messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS, WhatsApp, and more – all while managing all recruitment engagements from one interface.

💡Tip: Learn more about working with communication apps in Comeet.

Before getting started

Commbox account administrators can configure their accounts for integration with Comeet.

Configure integration

  1. From the avatar menu in your Comeet account, choose Settings (requires an Owner or Admin role).

  2. Scroll down to Integrated website > Careers API, copy the Name and make a note of it, you will need it to complete the integration.

  3. Then, navigate to Process > Integrations.

  4. Scroll down to Sourcing Tools and find Commbox on the list.

  5. Click Integrate and then Copy API key.

  6. To enable the integration, send the previously copied name and API key to your Commbox Account Manager. Commbox will create a new environment associated with that company name and API key to finalize the integration.

⚠️ If at any point you change your name in Comeet, you will need to share the updated name with Commbox.

Start a conversation with a candidate

  1. Navigate to your Comeet account and go to the relevant candidate profile.

  2. Click Text in the candidate’s card. This will open a new tab displaying a Commbox page.

  3. Log in to Commbox.

  4. Communicate with the candidate on their Commbox account via SMS and WhatsApp.

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