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This document is intended for informative purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice regarding any privacy regulations or any other matter, and may not be used or relied on for such purposes.

This guide is part of Comeet’s options for compliance with privacy regulations. See the overview here.

Comeet allows you to specify the duration of time that you will retain the data of candidates who are protected by privacy regulations. Based on the data retention period you define, you can set up the following automation rules:

  • Request candidate consent – request consent shortly before the data retention period ends to prolong the data retention period so that you can more easily contact them in the future with relevant opportunities. Learn more

  • Automate candidate data removal – when the data retention period ends.

Note: State the data retention period that you define in Comeet in your company’s updated privacy policy as well as the privacy notification you send to candidates.

Data retention periods

Initial data retention period

  • Starts clocking when a candidate applies or is added to Comeet

  • Starts clocking with the last activity that was taken with the candidate including any activity logged on the candidate’s profile (excluding requests for consent)if you do not wish to apply this option, select: Not applicable

  • Starts clocking when the candidate provides consent to an additional retention period

  • If you wish to request consent, you can send requests for candidates individually or in bulk. Alternately, you can have Comeet automatically email a consent request to candidates  shortly before the data retention period ends. Learn more

Data retention settings

Choose a duration of time for each of the options.  By combining these options, you specify that the data retention period continues as long as at least one clocking option is running.

Note: Changing the data retention settings affect existing candidates. For example, if a candidate had given consent when the data retention period was 24 months, and it is subsequently increased to 36 months, the candidate is affected. It’s your responsibility to let candidates know about changes to your privacy policy.

Candidates status and data retention

  • Non-Hired Candidates – With the exception of hired candidates, data retention settings apply to everyone. This allows you, for example, to send a consent request to candidates whose status is set as In-progress or On-hold without any activity for an extended period of time and remove them automatically if they don’t consent to a longer retention period.

  • Hired Candidates – You must establish the legal grounds for retaining the data of hired candidates or otherwise manually remove it from Comeet.

Automate data removal

Comeet can automatically remove candidate data when the data retention period ends. Select one of the following options:

  • Disabled – This will require you to manually Pseudonymize or delete candidates.

  • Pseudonymize automatically – Candidate data will be removed based on your pseudonymization settings. Selecting this option will retain candidate’s activity for reporting purposes and will allow re-identification should the candidate be added again or reapply. Learn more about pseudonymization

  • Delete automatically – Candidate data will be completely removed. Candidates activity will not appear in reports and candidates will not be re-identified if they are added again or reapply.


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