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Configure integration with LinkedIn RSC for your company
Configure integration with LinkedIn RSC for your company
An admin guide for integrating your LinkedIn Recruiter account with your organization's Comeet account
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The Comeet integration with LinkedIn RSC helps expedite sourcing by allowing recruiters and sourcers to work seamlessly between LinkedIn and Comeet.

To get started, you need to configure the integration from the Comeet account and also from the LinkedIn account.

After completing the integration on the account level, each person on the team who has a LinkedIn Recruiter seat must connect their personal LinkedIn Recruiter seat to Comeet as explained here.

Prerequisites and limitations

This integration is available with the following prerequisites and limitations from the LinkedIn side:

  • An admin role is required to configure the LinkedIn Recruiter Contract

  • The RSC integration is available for Recruiter Corporate (including SMB) or Recruiter Professional Service (RPS) in LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn RSC isn't supported on Safari; see this page from LinkedIn for additional details and troubleshooting.

Configure the Comeet account for integration

This section describes how to configure integration from Comeet.

Synced data does not include interview feedback, emails or comments.

  1. Navigate to the avatar menu at the top right of the screen.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. From the sidebar, navigate to Process and click Integrations.
    The Integrations screen loads.

  4. Scroll to find the LinkedIn section and click.
    The LinkedIn integration pop-up loads.

  5. Click Configure packages.

    The LinkedIn Packages window pops up including:
    - The LinkedIn packages available for integration with Comeet are listed.
    - At the top right of the window, the name of the default RSC contract associated with your company appears.

  6. If you manage multiple LinkedIn contracts, click Change contract at the top right and select the contract that you would like to use for integration with Comeet. To integrate with multiple contracts, review these instructions.

  7. Check the box for the Sourcing Package, scroll down to click Save changes, and close the window.
    You can configure the Reporting and Apply package as well. For more information about the relevant packages. see our article here.

    Note: if you can't see the Sourcing Package then it may mean that you don't have a LinkedIn Recruiter subscription with LinkedIn. Verify this with your point of contact at LinkedIn.

  8. Close the window.
    The next step of the LinkedIn Integration process loads.

  9. Configure the Sourcing package based on your organization's needs.
    - Show candidates' LinkedIn profiles in Comeet
    - Push position and candidate data from Comeet to LinkedIn

    - Sync InMails and notes from LinkedIn Recruiter to Comeet
    For more details, see our overview of the integration options.

    Additionally, select Publish positions to this company's LinkedIn page to enable automatic publishing when you publish positions. This is a feature without additional subscription costs. See more here.

    When you activate any of the options a complete description appears as well, in case you need additional details.

  10. Click Save to confirm the configuration.

Configure the LinkedIn account for integration

After enabling the integration in Comeet, follow the instructions in this section to configure integration from the company's LinkedIn account.

To integrate Comeet and LinkedIn, first configure integration from Comeet and only thereafter from LinkedIn.

  1. Open your LinkedIn Recruiter account.

  2. Click on the avatar menu at the top right and then click Product Settings.

  3. Navigate to Advanced > ATS Integration.

  4. Click Edit next to the Comeet integration.

  5. Adjust the integration configuration for your needs.

    • 1-click export – allow recruiters to export candidates from LinkedIn to Comeet.

    • InMail stub profile – when candidates share their contact details in response to an InMail message from a recruiter, update the contact details in Comeet.

  6. Click Save to confirm.

Next steps

After completing the integration on the account level, each person on the team who has a LinkedIn Recruiter seat must connect their personal LinkedIn Recruiter seat to Comeet as explained here. This will ensure that they gain access on LinkedIn to the same positions and candidates as they do in Comeet.

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