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How to source candidates using LinkedIn Recruiter (RSC)
How to source candidates using LinkedIn Recruiter (RSC)

Work seamlessly between LinkedIn and Comeet

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The RSC integration between LinkedIn and Comeet helps recruiters:

  • See current and past recruiting activity from Comeet on the candidates profile in LinkedIn Recruiter

  • Create or update Comeet candidate records with LinkedIn data

  • View LinkedIn Recruiter InMail history and notes from directly from within Comeet

  • Access and view up-to-date candidate LinkedIn profiles in Comeet without changing context

This article describes how to use this integration.

Only candidates that were exported manually from LinkedIn or that applied using the Apply with LinkedIn button are updated in Comeet.

Prerequisites and limitations

Before getting started, make sure:

This integration is available with the following prerequisites and limitations from the LinkedIn side:

  • A user account for the LinkedIn RSC is required for this integration.

  • The RSC integration is available for Recruiter Corporate (including SMB) or Recruiter Professional Service (RPS) in LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn RSC isn't supported on Safari, please see this page from LinkedIn for reference.

Export candidates from LinkedIn to Comeet

Once you've connected your personal LinkedIn Recruiter account, you can work with candidates' LinkedIn data. LinkedIn data is only shared with Comeet as follows:

  • by exporting a candidate's data manually from LinkedIn to Comeet

  • when a candidate chooses to apply for a position using the Apply with LinkedIn option from your career website

Export data to Comeet

  1. Find the relevant candidate on LinkedIn Recruiter.

  2. Click the ellipsis (three dots) icon from their profile and choose Export to ATS.

    The Export to your ATS window loads.

  3. Select the ATS and begin typing the Public Job Name, to search and select the relevant job in Comeet to which you would like the candidate to be added. You will only be able to select the positions that you are allowed to see in Comeet; changes to user permissions may take a few minutes to be synced with LinkedIn.

    Note: The Workplace type dropdown is currently not supported.

  4. Click Export.
    The candidate is created in Comeet for the selected positions. If the integration is configured to sync InMail and notes, all relevant data now also appears for the candidate.

See the LinkedIn documentation for more assistance.

Candidate information exported to Comeet

Once a candidate is exported to Comeet, information is available in Comeet as follows:

  • The new Comeet profile includes the candidate name and the LinkedIn profile URL. The contact details (email and phone) are not shared by LinkedIn when exporting a candidate.

  • The source of the new candidate appears as the teammate who exported the candidate to Comeet. If that person doesn't have source then a new source will be created with a source type of Active search.

  • Exported candidates are automatically tagged with Imported: LinkedIn Recruiter. You can use this tag to search for candidates that were exported from LinkedIn.

  • For a candidate applying to multiple positions, a hiring process for each of the positions is associated with the candidate's profile in Comeet.

Note: The PDF of the resume is not exported from LinkedIn to Comeet due to restrictions to the data that is shared by LinkedIn. Instead, you can see the candidate's updated LinkedIn profile right in Comeet by selecting the LinkedIn tab on the candidate's profile.

How Comeet handles duplicates

When you have exported a candidate from LinkedIn that was already exported or when a candidate applies with Apply with LinkedIn more than once, Comeet handles duplicates as follows:

  • When exporting a candidate that was already exported from LinkedIn in the past (or who applied using Apply with LinkedIn) a new hiring process is created in Comeet for the existing candidate.

  • A Possible duplicate alert is displayed when other candidates already exist in Comeet with similar (but not identical) details. This may happen when the same candidate already exists in Comeet but was not exported from LinkedIn and/or applied using Apply with LinkedIn.

  • A candidate cannot be exported to a position if the candidate is already under consideration for that position. In that case the export action will fail and a new hiring process will not be created. This is because a candidate cannot be under consideration for the same position with more than one hiring process.

See LinkedIn candidate profiles from Comeet

When enabled in the LinkedIn integration settings, then once the candidate is initially exported to Comeet, the LinkedIn tab is shown on the candidate profile. Use this tab to see the LinkedIn profile and send InMail messages to the candidate directly from Comeet.

To view relevant LinkedIn data, navigate to the candidate profile. The LinkedIn tab appears similar to the following:


  • When a candidate doesn't have a matching LinkedIn profile, you will be presented with suggested LinkedIn profiles. Find the correct profile in the list and click Link to connect that LinkedIn profile with the candidate.

  • If the wrong LinkedIn profile is shown click Unlink to disconnect that LinkedIn profile from the candidate. You can then Link the candidate with the correct LinkedIn profile.

  • The LinkedIn profile tab isn't supported on Safari, please see this page from LinkedIn for additional information.

  • Teammates who don't have a LinkedIn Recruiter seat can still view the basic LinkedIn profile from the candidate profile in Comeet, if your company has a Recruiter Corporate license.

See LinkedIn activity in Comeet

You can see LinkedIn activity on the candidate profile without leaving Comeet.

To see the LinkedIn activity:

  1. From Comeet, navigate to the relevant candidate.

  2. Click on the activity filter (showing Recent activity by default).

  3. Select LinkedIn.

Note: Only candidates that were exported manually from LinkedIn or that applied using the Apply with LinkedIn button will have their LinkedIn activity for view in Comeet.

What's included

  • The LinkedIn activity view includes: InMail conversations with the candidate and Notes that were posted on the candidate's LinkedIn profile in LinkedIn Recruiter.

  • The LinkedIn activity view shows activity across all hiring processes of the candidate. LinkedIn activity items are not associated with a specific hiring process.

  • The LinkedIn activity items are not shown in the recent activity view; they are only displayed from the LinkedIn activity view.

Access and permissions

  • Access to the LinkedIn activity view on the candidate profile requires permission, which can be configured in the permission settings. By default, this view is available to users with a company role of Recruiter, Admin, or Owner.

  • When creating InMail messages and notes in LinkedIn Recruiter, users can choose the visibility level for the conversation or note. Only items created with the visibility level of "Anyone in my organization" are imported to Comeet.

When hiring for a discreet position, create new InMail conversations and notes on LinkedIn Recruiter with the visibility level of "Only me" to ensure that they are not visible in Comeet.

Update candidate contact details automatically in Comeet when shared from LinkedIn

When a candidate selects to share their contact information with the recruiter who reached out to them, their candidate profile is automatically updated in Comeet as well. This update does not require any user action.

The following details are updated in Comeet:

  • LinkedIn profile URL

  • email

  • phone

Only candidates that were exported manually from LinkedIn or that applied using the Apply with LinkedIn button will have their contact details updated when shared.

See Comeet activity on LinkedIn

Teammates with access to LinkedIn Recruiter can see the candidate’s hiring processes on LinkedIn. Users can only see the hiring processes that they are allowed to see based on their permissions in Comeet.

To see the candidate's hiring processes on LinkedIn, click the ATS indicator from the candidate's profile in LinkedIn Recruiter, similar to the following:

This view displays:

  • a summary of the candidate's hiring status

  • position name

  • current step

  • steps completed in each hiring process

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