Integrate Comeet with Webflow

Use to integrate your Careers website through Webflow

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Prerequisites: Admin account on Webflow and account with

With the help of, you can integrate Comeet in order to maintain your Careers website using Webflow.

Retrieve the Comeet API token

  1. From your Comeet account, navigate to the avatar menu and select Settings.

  2. From the Settings page, go to Sourcing and choose Careers Website.

  3. Scroll to the Integrated website section, to copy and save the UID and the Token values.

Set up Webflow

Create a new Webflow collection with a unique name and unique slug.

  1. Create a new CMS Collection and give it a unique name; for example: open-positions.

  2. From the Collection URL field, configure the slug for the collection; for example: open-positions

  3. Add the following custom fields as Plain Text fields to the collection:

    • UID

    • Time Updated

    • Department

    • Address

    • Description

    • Requirements

    • Location name

    • Picture URL

    • Employment type

    • Employment level

See the Webflow documentation for additional help.

Set up the workflow

Set up a scenario to:

  1. Get all the items from a preset collection in Webflow.

  2. Compare these items to positions fetched from Comeet.

  3. Based on the results, update, remove and create items in Webflow as needed.

Create a new scenario

  1. Create a new scenario.

  2. Download the blueprint (JSON) from Comeet and upload it into your scenario.

    The scenario uploads and appears on the screen in your scenario diagram.

Configure the workflow

  1. Click the Webflow icon, labelled 1 in the image.

    Add a Webflow connection to connect and authenticate your account.

  2. Choose your authenticated Webflow account and when the additional fields load, enter the following values:

    1. Collection ID - choose the option By selecting

    2. Site - choose the site in which you created the positions collection; this is where the open positions are to appear.

    3. Collection - select the collection that you created in the previous section.

    4. Click OK.

      Webflow details automatically populate throughout the workflow.

  3. Click each of the Webflow icons and repeat the configuration.

  4. Click one of the Comeet icons.

    Add a Comeet connection to connect and authenticate your account. Use the UID and Token values that you previously retrieved.

  5. Click each of the Comeet icons and select the connected account to load throughout the workflow.

  6. Now, click the Webflow icon, labelled 3:

    The values load automatically - mapping the Comeet values to the Webflow connection:

  7. Select the Comeet connection labelled 4.

  8. For the Position UID field, toggle Map to enable mapping and select Item ID from the Webflow values.

  9. Select the Webflow connection labelled 5, and for the Item field, toggle Map to enable mapping.

  10. From the Item field, select Item ID from the Webflow values.

Run the scenario

The first time you run the scenario, all Comeet positions are added to the collection in Webflow.

Every subsequent time the scenario runs, it updates existing positions, adds new positions and deletes positions as needed.

  1. To run the scenario for the first time, click Run once.

  2. To run the scenario automatically:

    1. Click Save and then click Scenarios.
      Once the scenarios screen loads, the newly created scenario loads.

    2. Toggle the On/Off switch to turn the automation on.

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